About Us

Minh Tue Company Limited

Minh Tue Co., Ltd. has been a prominent player in the field of Ophthalmology for more than two decades. Over this period, we have continuously operated and grown, providing state-of-the-art machinery systems and advanced medical equipment to numerous public medical facilities and private hospitals nationwide.

Throughout these years, both producers and Minh Tue company have consistently updated product catalogs with the latest technology, prioritizing absolute safety to meet the evolving demands of the global market, including the specific requirements of the Vietnamese market.

Minh Tue Staffs


Minh Tue company possesses a team of skilled staff and engineers with professional knowledge and experience. We are always prepared to offer support and guidance, assisting customers in selecting products that align with their policies and intended usage.


Minh Tue Co., Ltd. stands as a pioneer in the ophthalmology industry, offering products that meet FDA and CE standards. Our constant endeavor is to emerge as the premier and reputable supplier in Vietnam, ensuring satisfaction for doctors and industry experts while instilling peace of mind and trust in patients.


Our commitment involves consistently updating and developing products with advanced techniques and technologies, aligning with international standards to support doctors. Simultaneously, we anticipate making significant contributions to the advancement of the ophthalmology industry in Vietnam.